SIGN Magazine

Find the most important suppliers at one look and most of all: Be found as well!

Since many years every month we reach about 5000 wholesalers and retailers all over the world and even beyond with each one of our specialist magazines “SIGN”, “SIGN EUROPE” and “SIGN RUSSIA”. Thereby we cover almost 99% of the European market. Of course well-known and globally operating manufacturers class among our wide circle of customers as well.

“SIGN” is published in the German language and is sent to dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “SIGN EUROPE” is in English and is send to another 5000 wholesalers and retailers in over 30 countries. “SIGN RUSSIA” is the Russian edition of the magazine and is send out to 3.500 companies in Russia and Ukraine.

In order to provide a maximum flexibility, we can offer you different display formats:

The smallest and cheapest kind of ad is our Trademarker. The Trademarker, which is a narrow column. You can present up to 5 products in each Trademarker and they can be exchanged monthly. At a closer look this means that you can present your products to 5000 wholesalers and retailers and draw attention.

Furthermore we offer half pages, whole pages, double pages and covers. Regarding these options the best thing to do is to give me a call so that we can work out a price for you.

Since we want to ensure that you are presented the best way possible, we offer the service of an editorial article. This could be either a portrait of your company, an interview or maybe a product presentation. If you’ve got any news we will be happy to publish these as well. It’s up to you!

Of course, the content of the magazines depends on the fact which companies are advertising at the moment and similar to an erotic trade exhibition there are plenty of products, trends or tastes. We make every effort to present something of everything.

Under this link you can see the sign Europe Magazine:

I hope I managed to arouse your interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any further questions.