Loven Eschweiler GmbH

The company Loven Eschweiler GmH is a branch of the Dutch Loven Groep, which has been active in the transport and mobility sector for over 90 years and with around 150 employees is one of the largest and most modern full-service providers in the truck and trailer market of Limburg and the eastern part of Northern Brabants has grown up. In this capacity, Loven is synonymous with mobility in the broadest sense. From the smallest component to an 8 × 4 DAF with 50 tons and everything in between: everything is available at Loven. In addition to sales and 24-hour service, the company is also active as a full-service provider in the delivery of a comprehensive range of vehicle-related services. Loven currently employs 15 people at its location in Eschweiler and is looking for more mechanics and administrative staff to expand the team in the future.