HEIM & HAUS Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH

Get started with HEIM & HAUS - the direct sales company for construction elements HEIM & HAUS is one of the largest construction element manufacturers in Germany. In total, more than 2,500 employees and freelance partners in production, sales, administration, assembly and customer service guarantee the quality and service of the company.

You work with great dedication and often for decades for HEIM & HAUS. The company was founded in 1971 and has been owner-managed as a family business ever since. Since it was founded by Rolf Schommers sen. HEIM & HAUS has developed into one of the leading direct sales companies in the country and one of the largest manufacturers of exclusive construction elements in Germany. Great cohesion, fair, cooperative dealings with one another, short communication channels and a decisive basic mentality are an expression of the special, family-like corporate culture at HEIM & HAUS. With the focus on the trends burglar resistance, energy saving, sun and weather protection, HEIM & HAUS offers a wide range. The quality products are from our own German production.

HEIM & HAUS relies on personal sales from person to person and is convinced that direct sales are a superior form of sales in the advice-intensive market for exclusive components. Every product presentation is an emotional live event. Over 1,300 direct sellers from over 65 regional sales offices throughout Germany work for customers on a daily basis. There are various work areas at HEIM & HAUS.

Whether in production, in administration or as an independent assembly partner: there are many entry opportunities and job offers for experienced professionals. Apprenticeships, internships and graduate positions are offered for young professionals.